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Công Ty TNHH Phát Triển Nam Hội An

Công Ty TNHH Phát Triển Nam Hội An

Người đại diện: B? ph?n tuy?n d?ng

Địa chỉ: Duy Hải, Duy Xuyên District, Quang Nam Province

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Hạn nộp : 03/11/2019

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Diploma or Degree in Food and Beverage, Hospitality Management or equivalent is an advantage

Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar capacity

People and customer oriented, motivator and self<br>-starter

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- Loại công việc: Bán thời gian

- Địa điểm: Ngũ Hành Sơn

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- Ngày nhận việc: 03/10/2019

- Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 03/11/2019

Chế độ phúc lợi

Mô tả Công việc To function as the Business Manager and a Marketing Specialist for the Outlet, to ensure that the outlet operate successfully, in accordance with the standard of the hotel and are individually profitable. Oversees and assists in the recruitment and selection of all Event Service employees. Adheres to hotel guidelines when recruiting and uses a competency-based approach to selecting employees. Oversees the punctuality and appearance of all Event Service employees, making sure that they wear the correct uniform and maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene, according to the hotel and department’s grooming standards. Maximizes the effectiveness of employees by developing each of their skills and abilities through the appropriate training, coaching, and/or mentoring. Conducts half yearly and annual Performance Development Discussions with employees and to support them in their professional development goals. Assists in the development of Departmental Trainers through ongoing feedback and monthly meetings. Plans and implements effective training programmers for employees in coordination with the Training Manager and Departmental Trainers. Oversees the preparation and posting of weekly work schedules, making sure that they reflect business needs and other key performance indicators. Encourages employees to be creative and innovative, challenging and recognizing them for their contribution to the success of the operation. Supports the implementation of The People Philosophy, demonstrating and reinforcing company's Values and Culture Characteristics. Ensures that all employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to employee rules and regulations. Responds to the results of the Consumer Audit and ensures that the relevant changes are implemented. Works closely with other Managers in a supportive and flexible manner, focusing on the overall success of the hotel and the satisfaction of hotel guests. Ensures that Food and Beverage employees work in a supportive and flexible manner with other departments, in a spirit of “We work through Teams”. Ensures that event service storage and Audio-Visual areas are neat and organized, including the proper storage of props, and equipment. Assists the Event Sales team with creative suggestions and ideas. Liaises with the Kitchen and Beverage Department on daily operations and quality control. Ensures that all employees deliver the brand promise and provide exceptional guest service at all times. Ensures that employees also provide excellent service to internal customers in other departments as appropriate. Handles all guest and internal customer complaints and inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, following through to make sure problems are resolved satisfactorily. Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships. Establishes a rapport with guests maintaining good customer relationships. Personally and frequently verifies that guests at all events are receiving the best possible service. Spends time at event service (during peak periods) to ensure that they are managed well by the respective employees and functions to the fullest expectations. Ensures Food and Beverage Division meets the Hotel’s targets in the areas of Guest Satisfaction Survey and Customer Audits. Maximizes employee productivity through the use of multi-skilling, multi-tasking and flexible scheduling to meet the financial goals of the business as well as the expectations of the guests. Focuses attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/payroll costs within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment. Assists with the preparation of the annual Food and Beverage Business Plan ensuring Divisional Objectives fully address business objectives of the hotel and needs of employees. Assists with the preparation and regular update of the Event Service Departmental Budget, in close cooperation with the Director of Food and Beverage ensuring targets are met and costs are effectively controlled. Assists in the preparation of the Annual Business Plan for Food and Beverage. Ensures that all hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to financial record keeping, money handling and licensing are adhered to, including the timely and accurate reporting of financial information Manages costs proactively based on key performance indicators, works with the respective Heads of Department as appropriate. Manages Event Service as independent profit centers. Ensures new technology and equipment are embraced, improving productivity whilst taking work out of the system.

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