Mega Lifesciences (Vietnam)

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Mega Lifesciences (Vietnam)

Mega Lifesciences (Vietnam)

Established in 1982, Mega Lifesciences is actively involved in helping millions of people have access to safe, effective, world class quality nutritional & herbal supplements, OTC and ethical products. From Thailand to the world, Mega is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing quality pharmaceutical, nutraceutical products and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).Headquartered in Bangkok, we have our presence in 31 countries across the globe. Our manufacturing facilities located in Thailand & Australia, have received international accreditation from reputed health authorities around the world with respect to good manufacturing practices. We export to Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, CIS-Countries, Latin America and Europe.For more recruitment information of Mega Vietnam, please visit to become member of our Talent Network.

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