Công ty LD TNHH Nippon Express (Việt Nam)

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Công ty LD TNHH Nippon Express (Việt Nam)

Công ty LD TNHH Nippon Express (Việt Nam)

NIPPON EXPRESS Co.,Ltd is Japanese company - the leading logistics Groups in the world about providing one-stop business solutions that connect people and companies beyond national and regional boundaries, through diverse logistics modes, integrating land, airlines, and marine transport.Nippon Express Vietnam (NEVN) was established on July 26th 2000, over the years, NEVN has transformed itself from a freight company that merely transports things from place to place into a business partner that provides comprehensive and high quality service inside and outside the country through air, sea, road transportation and other services such as customs brokerage.We strive to maintain and enhance our world-class quality, promoting globally-recognized human resource development and achievement of relevant certifications.

More information about us, you can check at:  "www.nipponexpress.com"

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Website: www.nipponexpress.com

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